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          Unlocking Potential: The CFS Strategic Plan

          By 2025, Church Farm School will be widely known and highly sought after for our exceptional ability to unlock a boy's potential for success in college and leadership in the community. 
          In 2019, Church Farm School undertook a highly participative strategic planning process to chart our course for the next five years. In this strategic plan, we reaffirm our mission, core values and defining attributes; articulate the critical skills we cultivate to transform CFS students into CFS graduates; establish our long-term vision; declare our goals; and commit to an ambitious set of initiatives we will take to achieve them.

          Our strategic plan is built upon five foundational pillars that work together to help our students realize their potential. Everything we do is in service to student success. To best serve our students, we will amplify our distinctive identity, continuously strive for organizational excellence as good stewards of our resources and enhance our campus to provide the optimal environment for student learning and transformation. All of these outcomes are powered by philanthropy.
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