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          College Guidance

          College Planning Timeline

          9th Grade

          • Get great grades in all of your classes
          • Seek assistance and tutoring if you are struggling in any of your classes. First speak to your teacher, then your adviser, the department chair and then your guidance counselor.
          • Make sure you have a thesaurus so that you can increase your vocabulary
          • Get involved in activities in the community and at school that interest you
          • Attend college open houses
          • Talk to your advisor about your future plans how that aligns with your future coursework
          • Make sure you sign up for rigorous classes for 10th grade
          • Maintain a clean discipline record

          10th Grade

          • Get great grades in all of your classes.
          • Seek assistance and tutoring if you are struggling in any of your classes
          • Try to gain leadership experiences in your sports and activities
          • Make sure you sign up for rigorous classes for 11th grade.
          • Consider getting a job to help with your future college expenses
          • Begin researching scholarships and their requirements.
          • Create a functional resume.
          • Begin researching college websites of schools that you think you may be interested in or go to the library and take out books about various colleges
          • Take several virtual college tours
          • Learn and understand the admissions requirements for various colleges
          • Make sure you sign up for rigorous classes for 11th grade
          • Go to the library or go online to take practice tests for the PSAT’s
          • Talk to adults you know about the college they attended
          • Try to enroll in a summer college program where you can earn college credits
          • Attend college open houses and visit programs

          11th Grade

          • Take the PSAT
          • Get great grades in all of your classes
          • Seek assistance and tutoring if you are struggling in any of your classes.
          • Attend local college fairs.
          • Attend college open houses.
          • Think about your passion
          • Continue to research scholarships.
          • Meet with Mrs. Scott a minimum of two times to discuss colleges that may fit your criteria during the spring semester
          • Meet with the college admission counselors that visit your school
          • Visit as many schools as you can, go on local college tours
          • Make sure you sign up for at least 4 rigorous academic (English, Math, History, Science and/or Foreign Language) classes senior year
          • Practice, practice and practice for your SAT/ACT. Sign up for the free SAT prep class here at CFS!
          • Take the SAT/ACT in the spring of your junior year
          • Write a draft of your personal statement
          • At the end of the 11th grade ask two teachers that really know you to write letters of recommendation for you
          • Register with the NCAA Clearinghouse if you plan to pursue an NCAA sport during college

          12th Grade

          List of 3 items.

          • Summer

            • Try to visit as many colleges as you can
            • Work so that you can pay your college application fees
            • Continue to work on skills that will help you with your SAT/ACT
            • Continue editing your personal statement
            • Research and apply for scholarships
            • Find out which schools have supplements and begin working on them
            • Start your Common Application that opens August 1
          • Fall

            • Sign up for the October SAT in early September.
            • Meet with Mrs. Scott a minimum of twice
            • Meet with college admissions counselors visiting CFS
            • Make sure the college counselor receives the letters of recommendation from your teachers
            • Stay on top of your classes
            • Submit the scholarship applications
            • Visit colleges that are of a strong interest
            • Find out the various admissions guidelines, deadlines and notifications for each school that you are considering
            • Submit your application for each college by Thanksgiving Break
            • Attend financial aid workshops to learn how to fill out the FAFSA
            • Schedule college interviews
          • Winter/Spring

            • Follow up with each of the schools you applied to and make sure they received all of the required materials.
            • Fill out the FAFSA form and send it to every school you applied to by February 1st of your senior year.
            • Keep your grades high, as most schools will see your mid-year grades before they will make their decision.
            • Learn more about the schools you were accepted to. Attend any special programs that are for admitted students.
            • Carefully review the financial aid package. Always ask for more money. Remember this is a four-year financial commitment.
            • If you received any outside scholarships make sure you send them a thank you note.
            • Send your deposit to the school that you will attend in the fall. Remember that the deposit can be anywhere from $200-$800 or more. Deposits are almost all universally due by May 1st to ensure your spot at the particular college.
            • Complete your senior-check out with Mrs. Scott.

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            Director of College Guidance
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